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No one has to walk the dementia journey alone.

Dementia Together is a nonprofit organization with a mission: No one has to walk the dementia journey alone. We realize that for people living with dementia their hope may not be in a future cure, it is in the current care. Until there are cures for the various causes of dementia “in the meantime”, we help people care well, so that those experiencing dementia can live well. Through education and enrichment, we make living well with dementia the expectation, not the exception.

Who do we serve?
At Dementia Together, we cultivate joy while building stronger connections for those living with dementia, their care partners, and our community.

How do we help?
We share the SPECAL method in our dementia friendly education, which is a simple evidence based disability management model, understandable by anyone regardless of educational level or medical knowledge. The SPECAL method is effective in positively managing dementia, promoting lifelong well being for people living with dementia while decreasing stress for care partners.

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