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Academy of Las Animas Online

Academy of Las Animas Online is a FREE online public school serving at-risk students grades 6 - 12 throughout Colorado to get them to graduation. We offer a free Chromebook and hotspot (when needed) and 5 pathways to graduation, allowing you to BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Are you a senior and short 7 or more credits to graduate? We can help you graduate in 1 year with a Workforce Readiness diploma. Scan QR Code, email us at or call 1-719-931-4377



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2400 West 16th Street, Unit D, Greeley, CO 80634
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Jaymi Nickell

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  • Jean Sandra Daviet

    Jaymi is very passionate about fitting your student where they will succeed. Academy of Las Animas is designed for the student that doesn’t ‘fit the mold’. You and your student will experience success that may have eluded you in the past.

    • Jean ~ Thank you for your endorsement and for referrals. We are grateful to connect with families and students who have a need for alternative school options. Send them our way! Our niche offering is for seniors age 18 (and not yet 21), short credits, who are willing to do the work to graduate within 1 year through the ACT WorkKeys Workforce Readiness program. FREE online public school with FREE Chromebook (and WiFi hotspot, if needed), dropin centers in Pueblo, Greeley, and Las Animas, available teachers, mentors, counselors, Principal, and Vice Principal. We’re here to support your student to earn their high school diploma.

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