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Learn from Celeste Ewert, Director of Envision Creative Support for People with Developmental Disabilities, with her 32 years of devoted work for the non-profit sector who also volunteers on several non-profit boards. AND she is teaming-up with Kelly Jackson, Aims Community College Foundation Director, with over 20 years accumulated in the nonprofit industry. She is past AFP, (Association of Fundraising Professionals) board member, CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive) co-chair of NoCo Nonprofit Sector Partnership – supporting the growth and needs of all nonprofits in the region with training and development from professionals in the industry. Look how cute their photo is!!

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Speaker Contact Information:

Celeste Ewert
Envision Creative Support for People with Developmental Disabilities
Email: ce****@en********.org
Phone: (970)313-2603 or (970)590-6902

Kelly Jackson,
Aims Community College Foundation 
Phone: 970-339-6583

March WorkShop She-Roes!

Please remember to THANK these members for their time and efforts to make the April 3rd, Workshop a meaningful experience for YOU when we gather at Macy Chapel6521 W. 20th St., Greeley, 80634 with Catering by Aimee & Jacklyn, Aunt Helen’s Coffee House & Catering

Set-up DIVAS 4-5 p.m. Tuesday, Jennifer Peterson, Grace Pointe Senior Care Community; Margie Martinez, UWWC / Rodeo Royalty / Kiwanis; Gena Wickes, Horse & Hound Chiropractic

Check-in Hostesses: Jenn Mongan, Academy of Natural Therapy; Diane Holmberg, Aims Foundation Greeter: Julie Villumsen, Mary Kay
Speaker’s Gift: Elizabeth Mahoney, Complete Professional Development
7th Inning Stretch: Wendy McCormick, Ongoing Renewal Massage Therapy

Clean-up DIVAS: Christine McDermott, Habitat for Humanity; Jaymi Nickell, The Academy of Las Animas Online School/State Farm; Jennifer Mongan, Academy of Natural Therapy; Amy Threewitt, Dementia Together

Sister to Sister: Pay It Forward

Sister-to-Sister Pay-it-Forward: Will be shared to benefit both Envision Creative Support for People with Developmental Disabilities using their 1/3 collected used to purchase some of the supplies that are used in the Envision art program; and the Aims Foundation’s 1/3 of your generous donations will go to support the Aims College Promise scholarships, which are used to support marginalized populations with scholarships as soon as they apply. The last 1/3 will go to the lucky woman whose card is drawn. We need someone to volunteer to step-in and take over coordinating this with effort on the 3rd. Allison Dunning, Balloon Art by Merry Makers, had to cancel do to a family member having surgery. Please contact Kristi – if you can HELP!

Jean is at it again!! This SPARKLE PARTY will benefit Irish and her children. The funds raised from our January Sparkle Party aided Irish and kids to pay some bills & also travel to AZ during Spring Break for Ayden’s annual baseball competition! THANKS to all who bought jewelry to help make this happen.

You’re invited to experience this sparkle adventure now!

Just copy and paste the link below in your browser, to view this lovely jewelry and make your purchase. There are plenty ofoptions for Easter and Mother’s Day gifts. This Party will close March 31st!

Order Yours Here >>

Dance Party, a SUCCESS thanks to your support!

Thank these NorCoWIB members for our ‘Grab & Go’ Food and Drink donations: 

-Nicole Watkins, Original Roma downtown- pizza
Brenda Lucio, Coyote’s Southwest Grill – chips & salsa
Jodie Redfern, The Cow Eatery – individual bags of chips

Aimee Hutson, Aunt Helen’s Coffee House – coffee cambro, condiments & cups Allison & Rowan Dunning, Merry Makers & Decorators – assorted candy Patricia Sorbo, Weld Family Clinic of Chiropractic – case of bottled water
Tara Rasmuson, Greeley Lifestyle magazine – 3 cases of soda pop

Dr. Laurie Berdahl, YOUTH EMPOWERMENT – 3 veggie trays + Humas & dips
Jean Daviet, Touchstone Crystal – Charcuterie board & fruit tray
Verniece Thomas, Park Avenue Realty – 2 kids of grapes & trash bags
Sue Helfrich, Drive Smart – ham & cheese sandwiches, forks & spoons, dry ice
Lori Krause, City of Greeley & Kristi Helzer, NorCoWIB 2 flowering plants, paper plates, napkins Jenny Brynteson, TCBY – 3 oz yogurt cups

June Lemmings, June’s TEAM – smokies + 7 layer dip
Rebecca Victor, Mom’s Popcorn many small bags of assorted flavors Gini Koenig, Eileen’s Cookies – 12 dozen cookies
Shannon & Brandi Peter, Inta Juice – Many 12 oz smoothies & straws Amy Threewitt, Dementia Together – 2 dozen blueberry soda muffins Jaymi Nickell, Academy of Las Animas Online – flowers

Many NorCoWIB members, community members, Dance Moms & families, Care- givers to the older adult community where Irish has worked most of her career – all attended and many who couldn’t come made donations through our GoFundMe Link that goes directly to the bank: 

Give to Irish’s GoFUNDME >>

Thank you Betzy Valdez for helping to set this up for Irish and our DANCE PARTY fundraising Event! We are keeping this giving option open to simplify donating, for those who have been inquiring.

If you prefer to write a check, please make it to: Terri Martin, Irish’s Mom and primary care-giver.

Others caring community members have chosen to use the Meal Train link to bring Irish and the kids a meal during her treatment weeks. You can sign-up and learn about any eating restrictions here >>

And of course, your generosity, thoughts, and prayers are greatly appreciated during this challenging health crisis. Irish continues to battle-on through her cancer fight. All support over the past 2 years to Ayden, Irish & Emmy Jo (in the photo) has been a blessing and she shares her deep appreciation for your kindness!

Many NorCoWIB members were present to SUPPORT Irish, and the Dancers, including two of our talented members: Diana Vasquez & Crystal Scolaro who performed and taught the crowd some fun dances along with Country Kick-up volunteers!

I sincerely THANK the following Northern Colorado Women in Business who made time to participate. Our goal was to be sure Irish felt the love and support that filled the Poudre Learning Center. Warm gratitude to:

Tara Rasmuson
Ashley Fusco
Sue Helfrich
Elizabeth Mahoney
Linda Moore
Jean Daviet, Touchstone Sparkle-Party & PLC rental
June Lemmings
Jennifer & her daughter Jennie Mongan
Sue Sutton + PIRATE Radio time
Christine McDermott
Verniece Thomas
Kate Howell
Katie Brigham, Son & Husband
Robin McIntire
Misty Dockins

The following couldn’t stay to dance, but they made time to help pick up food donations:

Allison Dunning
Terri Aden
Gena Wickes

The T.H.O.G.s, Trophy Husbands of Greeley, also made a good showing of their support! Thank you, gentlemen:

Rich Helzer
Jeff Helfrich
Jeremy Fusco
Craig Rasmuson
Gered Stovall

The NorCoWIB DANCE PARTY couldn’t have happened without these dancers & event sponsors:

A Dance Place
Country Kickup
The Dance Factory
DJ Too Much Fun (sound and lighting by Neil and Beth Carlburg)

NorCoWIB Membership DRIVE is going STRONG and will go through Mother’s Day! Wouldn’t YOU like to get on- board and add your Membership listing Profile to our Web Site!? Check out your membership, bennies…

  1. Pay for the level you want:
    $200 for the Ultimate
    $100 Basic or
    $75 for Nonprofit and/or Education.
  2. Sign in and create your password.
  3. Have your professional headshot (photo) jpg file ready to upload
  4. Create a well-written, inviting Bio about YOU
  5. Then, craft an insightful paragraph or two about your business. Make it a solid and inviting description, and possibly share who your perfect client would be. Provide your website URL, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram links in your post as nice customer service to drive traffic and help people get to know you better!
  6. Provide your Web site URL, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram links in your post as a nice customer service to drive traffic and help people get to know YOU better!
  7. Close your listing with a call to action, inviting people to get in touch.
  8. Add several photos that showcase you and your business to your profile, and visuals draw interest.

JOIN @ any time at! Your 12-month membership starts when your Profile goes LIVE! Send Kristi Helzer a text (970-381-8905) or email Kr****@No******.com when you pay, so she can activate your Membership. We are leaving PayPal and switching to STRIPE in April (after our Workshop) to improve functionality!


With the focus on Non-Profits this month, I am including as many invitations for your participation from our nonprofit members as I have received from our official NorCoWIB members! We hope YOU will join soon, our Membership is growing –take a look at and tap the Membership Directory to review the 50+ Member Businesses you will want to get to know and support! Discover how they can help you and you can assist them!!

For more information about our Grief Support Groups 970-506-4114 or visit us at
4650 West 20th Street Greeley. Check us out at

A comforting reminder:

Sometimes, the greatest support we can offer a grieving person is simply sitting with them in silence.

  • March Drop-in (no cost) Grief Support:
  • Healing Stitches meets every Wednesday 1-3 pm
  • Understanding Grief Class-March 5th, 6:30-8 pm
  • Spanish Speaking Grief Group-March 14th, 6-7:30 pm
  • Widow/Widower Group-March 19th, 6:30-8 pm
  • Pet Loss Group-Saturday, March 16th, 10:30-12 pm
  • Hope After Loss Overdose Group-March 26th, 6:30-8pm

No registration is required

8-Week Mtg. Groups starting soon! Register soon. Call 970-506-4114 to get signed up

  • Blended-varying loss
  • DADS-child loss
  • MOMS-child loss
  • Heart to Heart-suicide loss
  • Hope After Loss-overdose or substance loss
  • TREK-family program
  • HUGS-miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss

Buy tickets and learn more here >>

Shop Sassy Bags here >>

J & T Feeds wins a National Award!

J & T Feeds celebrated their 22nd Birthday over this past weekend at: 3616 W 10th St. Greeley, CO 970-3278-0240 |

Order your hanging baskets of flowers and vegetables from the Greeley Philharmonic Guild now and pick them up before Mother’s Day.

Use this link to order >>

Every March, SBA celebrates women entrepreneurs and highlights resources, funding, and training available to women-owned small businesses. According to the National Women’s Business Council 2023 Annual Report:

14 million women-owned businesses make up 39.1% of all U.S. businesses, a 13.6% increase from 2019 to 2023.

• Black/African American women-owned businesses represent 14.8% of all women-owned businesses and 52.1% of all black-owned businesses.

• Hispanic/ Latina women-owned businesses represent 14.3% of all women-owned and 42.3% of all Hispanic/Latino-owned businesses.

• Women-owned businesses add $1.8 trillion to America’s gross domestic product every year.


Shared by amazing NorCoWIB member Jennifer Mongan, Owner/Manager/Seeker of funding sources for their students, shared this at Kristi’s request – to build importance awareness. Write to your Congressman/elected official to lend your voice to this issue!

“I am happy to report that the Smucker Amendment to save financial aid for private for-profit trade schools like the Academy of Natural Therapy is still in motion. If you have not done so, please follow the information below and message your US senators and members of Congress to protect student
financial aid in clock hour programs.”

Contact your US Senators and Members of Congress and request they support “Preserving the ‘Smucker Amendment’ (Amendment #176) in pending negotiations on the Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations Bill

This will not affect current students, just students who start after July 1st. It will affect all clock-hour programs across the nation. It would mean that students would not be able to get Pell grants for clock-hour schools like ours, and all clock-hour schools would be forced to cut back their programs to match state requirements.

It’s important to avoid a change in Gainful Employment that will happen on July 1st. The Smucker Amendment means we are asking them that our programs can stay the same and our students can continue to receive and have access to the same financial aid funding that colleges and universities have. This is the biggest change in a 60-year history that the United States Department of Education has tried to put forward. Please research for more information if this concerns you. “Trade schools, like ours, provide profitable futures enabling people to build careers and support their families! All Education is valuable!”

Kristi is passionate about this issue as she benefited from a Pell Grant and various scholarships to earn her college education at UNC, knowing the cost of her education was on her shoulders. She also worked for the Aims Foundation, raising money to build the Allied Health and Sciences Building to provide training for careers that would allow people, especially single MOTHERS, to build careers that would allow them to earn a wage to support their families.

Here’s another update for awareness – came today (3/15/24) from Jennifer:

This is another attempt to save financial aid for clock-hour schools with the government’s big change coming on July 1st. If you have a moment, message your representative ASAP.

If you are in Greeley, you can use this link >>

Please Co-Sponsor Congressman Smucker’s Clock Hour Program Student Protection Act.
Clock-hour schools are at risk across the county if the DOE cuts their programs on July 1st, 2024. With the proposed change, students would not be able to get Pell grants. MOST students need Pell Grants to afford to go to school. Please Co-Sponsor Congressman Smucker’s Clock Hour Program

The Student Protection Act will help save clock-hour schools so that students can have a chance for education and a career.

Thank you!

To amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to clarify the clock hour requirements for certain eligible programs under title IV of such Act.

Mr. S MUCKER introduced the following bill, which was referred to the Committee on A BILL To amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to clarify the clock hour requirements for certain eligible programs
under title IV of such Act.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Clock Hour Program Student Protection Act”


Section 481(b) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1088(b)) is amended by adding at the end the following:

‘‘(5) An otherwise eligible program that provides a program of training to prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized profession in a State, and for which the number of clock hours of instruction exceeds the minimum number of clock hours of instruction required by such State for training in the recognized profession for which the otherwise eligible program prepares students, shall be determined to be an eligible program under this subsection if the number of clock hours of instruction provided by such otherwise eligible program does not exceed the greater of—

‘‘(A) 150 percent of the minimum number of clock hours required by such State for training in the recognized profession for which the otherwise eligible program prepares students; or

‘‘(B) 150 percent of the minimum number of clock hours required by a Federal agency for such training.”


The amendment made by this section shall take effect on July 1, 2024, and apply with respect to the award year

2024–2025 and each subsequent award year.
Let me (Jenn Mongan) know if you have questions, this is incredibly important to the future of our school/business.

SPECIAL OFFER FROM Jennifer’s school:

Jennifer Mongan, Executive Officer & Admissions Guide

Academy of Natural Therapy, 625 8th Avenue Greeley, CO 80631 Office: 970.352.1181 ext. 103 Cell: 970.302-7006

Are you ready to unwind and de-stress? I know I am!!
On-Going Renewal has some exciting news to share with you! Throughout March, they are hosting an open house on Thursdays. The address is below, and you’re invited to join them. Only one Thursday left in March on the 28th. Time: 4-7 p.m.

Come and experience the bliss of relaxation with our Walk-In Chair Massage sessions. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or need a little pick-me-up, our expert massage therapists will help melt away your tension and leave you feeling refreshed.

Why should you attend?

  • FREE Chair Massages: Enjoy complimentary chair massages during our Open House hours.
  • Meet and Greet: Some of our skilled massage therapists and learn more about the services we offer.
  • Refreshments: Indulge in some light refreshments while you relax and mingle with fellow guests.
  • Bring along your friends, family, or colleagues for a rejuvenating experience. Whether you’re a seasoned massage enthusiast or new to the world of relaxation, there’s something for everyone at our Open House event. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Best Regards, Ongoing Renewal Team
    907 30th Avenue Suite 101, Greeley, CO
    (970) 313-3394

Bring the entire family to campus. Get registered today! Saturday, April 13, 8-10 a.m.! This event is critical to fundraising to support our women’s athletics programs, and thanks to Allo Fiber, you can double your impact. They have committed to matching the first $2,500 of donations to the Women’s Walk. Double your impact today and register as an individual or as a cyber walker, and be sure to select our TEAM.

The deadline to register is Thursday, April 11!

Register to Walk Here >>

Event Details:
8 a.m. – 9 a.m.:
Breakfast and registration inside Bank of Colorado Arena
9 a.m.: Opening announcements – walk
10 a.m.: Closing program

Donation Levels: Cyber Walker or Entry $35 / Full Support $60 / Student or Child $10

1 Alexandra Hollen Co-Captain
2 Gena Wickes Co-Captain
3 Kristi Helzer
4 June Lemmings
5 Dayna Hazlewood
6 Allison Dunning
7 Rowan Dunning
8 Diane Holmberg
9 LaLoni Magnuson
10 Shari Nova
11 Rosalva Haro-Lyons
12 Shannon Churgin
13 Margie Martinez – virtual
14 Ashley Fusco
15 Jaymi Nickell
16 Patricia Sorbo
17 Emma Sorbo

This is just 2 hours of your Saturday morning! Your registration converts to scholarship dollars, which will contribute to a student’s successful future. Please join us and impact a young life!

Register to Walk Here >>

Thank you to the following members and their families who participated last night, 3/14/24, volunteering to pack Senior Food Baskets, bagged onions & small commodities. It was a very fulfilling 2 hours, and we set productivity records, impressing Elizabeth, the WFB Volunteer Mgr. What an impressive group of hard-working, caring individuals, ages 8 to 70+. We had a blast!

My body reminded me this morning that some of those boxes were heavy! FB photos are coming soon! With Love and gratitude to:

Kristi Helzer Rich Helzer Steve Krapcho Celeste Ewert Jonathan Ewert Gena Wickes Charee Voelz Greg Voelz

Lisa Koch

Kaylee Koch Noah Koch Crystal Scolaro Gianna Scolaro Rafael Scolaro Kate Wagner Shari Nova Jennifer Peterson Todd Peterson

Aiesha Englick Kim Parker
Barb Lessman Margie Martinez Stacey Kindsvater Ryelin Kindsvater Robin Rodriquez Barb Wasung Jenn Negley

Join us for the Weld Women2Women’s Circle of Sisters Fundraising Luncheon

Saturday, May 18th, 2024, from 11 am-2 pm @ UNC Campus Commons.

NorCoWIB Table #1

1. Kristi Helzer – ck pd
2. Alexia Inhulsen
3. Debby Baker
4. Linda Moore – ck pd
5. Jean Morrell
6. June Lemmings
7. Jaymi Anderson
8. Julie Villumsen

NorCoWIB Table #2

  1. Jaymi Nickell
  2. Ashley Fusco
  3. Charee Voelz-reg online
  4. Jane Mulledy-reg online
  5. Janet Bedingfield – ck pd
  6. Barb Wasung
  7. Lori Gama
  8. Amie Cieminski

Stone Soup Event is officially Sold Out! — April 6th

We will be journeying back to the 1980’s at this year’s Stone Soup, complete with bright colors and nostalgia we all fondly remember. We hope to reach our goal of raising enough funds through Stone Soup to provide 1.8 million meals!

Stamp Out Hunger — May 11th

Participate in the nation’s largest food drive! You can leave a bag of shelf-stable grocery items by your mailbox for your postal worker to pick up and deliver to the Weld food bank.

Compete to Beat Hunger — June 3 – 21

Weld Food Bank’s Compete to Beat Hunger takes place every June. It is a friendly competition among employees who work within their organizations to donate funds, food, and time.

More Details Here >>

Ms. Senior Colorado Barbara Solivais was selected as a contestant for the Ms. Senior Colorado Pageant. The Pageant will be at Wolf Theater, JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center, 350 South Dahlia, Denver, on April 27th at 2 p.m. If anyone is interested, tickets will be available online. She would love to see support from our fabulous NorCoWIB community. Check her out as she gets ready for the big day on her Facebook page @BarbarbaraSolivais. Voting will not be online.

The Week of the Young Child and National Volunteer Appreciation Month falls in March/April! Opportunities abound!

I hope you take advantage of these community Networking opportunities!

Our Happy Days sock hop is a 1950s-themed fundraising event that encourages FUN, family attendance, 1950s attire, and dancing (optional). Food, beverages, and the atmosphere will reflect the joyful vibe of our memory cafes.

Get Tickets and More Details Here >>

We are seeking a location and date this summer for our NorCoWIB Business Trade Show, which will help you all get to know each other better and learn more about each other’s businesses and your amazing talents and gifts. This needs to be a 4-hour event so that it won’t fit into the Workshop schedule.

Many of you signed up to help with this effort. We will be combining this with our involvement to impact youth, working with Dr. Laurie Berdahl & Amie Cieminski with a short 4-week series of classes for TEENS.

Be thinking about mentoring a youth, providing an internship or job-shadowing opportunity. There are amazing LEADERS in this TRIBE; we need to help young Ladies spread their wings and SOAR! More information will follow as things start coming together. Let me know if you want a table reserved for your business! Stay tuned…

10th Annual 5K In My Shoes — Saturday, June 8th

Support people with Developmental Disabilities and the work of Envision. This is the 10th anniversary of the event and the 60th anniversary of Envision!
Get Information Here >>

It will be Easter on 3/31, and SPRING will be here soon. Time to plant and enjoy watching things grow! It is rather like networking and how it feeds our energy to get involved in supporting one another and our community!

SUCCESS: The opportunity to experience and realize the power that is within YOU!

Kristi Helzer