Making a Difference

Every first Wednesday of the month, we at Northern Colorado Women in Business (NorCoWIB) turn the spotlight onto a different local nonprofit to focus our philanthropy efforts. We’ve named this initiative our Sister-Sister/Pay it Forward program.

This initiative is driven by our members’ free-will contributions. Any member can choose to donate in the following increments:
  • $5 donation: submit 1 business card
  • $10 donation: submit 2 business cards
  • $15 donation: submit 3 business cards
  • …and so on.
Making a Difference One Business Card at a Time.

WE invest in our community

We Value Your Time and Your Experience

At the end of each workshop, one business card is randomly drawn from the contributions. Half of the total amount collected goes to the lucky lady whose card was drawn, while the other half directly benefits the featured nonprofit organization.

paying it forward

Our Impact

In just the past 6 years, we’ve raised a commendable $23,920 through our Sister to Sister, Pay it Forward program! The money raised has gone a long way in supporting local non-profits and empowering our members.

Raised for local non-profits and empowering small businesses!

View our six-year summary information

We attribute this success to the unwavering generosity and commitment of our members. Their contributions have continually driven this initiative, enabling us to make a tangible difference in our community.

Power Up Kids!

More youth are in crisis than ever before, including many who seem fine. Youth Empowerment Group (YEG) is pleased to offer two FREE mental and social health life skill video programs to parents, private groups, youth organizations, and schools to support the Weld County tweens and teens they care for, courtesy of The Weld Trust. The PowerUp Girls for Life and Co-Ed PowerUp programs (curriculums) have plug-and-play, online lessons with interactive games for 11 to 18-year-olds and their adult leaders that require minimal preparation and supplies, including printable documents. Clips from hours of national youth interviews captured in our mental health and life film project co-produced by YEG and the award-winning cinematographer Robin Hammond and published by Time Magazine (you can view their short film and article here) will be incorporated into our lessons to harness the power of peer-to-peer impact. Free program use is restricted to Weld County per our grant obligations. 

PowerUp Girls for Life includes extra lessons to overcome female-specific challenges to well-being, equality, and success. We’d love to explore (and Kristi, Amie, and I have started discussing) the possibility of volunteers from NoCo WIB and UNC running a Greeley summer program combined with a trade show(s) that the girls could attend to learn about different careers/businesses along with parents and the public. Email Laurie(at) with ideas or interest!

To check out PowerUp Girls for Life and get all available lessons for free, sign up here.

To get all co-ed PowerUp lessons free, sign up here.

To get 3 free lessons of either program to use anywhere or to license the use of entire curriculums outside Weld County, visit here (on

We’re proud to be part of such an amazing group of women!

Laurie and Amie

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