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Voxx Life
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Donna started in 2018 with VoxxLife, a state of the art technology company that offers socks, insoles and patches that have a tactile pattern woven into each of the wellness and performance products. These products are considered to be wearable neurotech. The products are clinically proven to actively reduce pain. When tested with people suffering with diabetes the socks reduced pain in 95% of the study subjects, and after just one week over 75% reported pain dropping to levels that could be ignored. The products are drug free and lead to better mobility and help with injury prevention by increasing balance and energy. Donna originally joined to help reduce the pain in her hip by 80% using the socks and insoles In 2020 she had hip replacement surgery and wore a HPT patch during and after surgery. She only used Tylenol for five days and did not have pain, swelling, or discoloration. The HPT is a special tactile pattern woven into each of the wellness and performance products.



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Donna Upton

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VoxxLife 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • My husband and I took a 2+ week European vacation and were walking 12,000+ steps per day. My VOXXLife socks kept me moving and I had no foot pain at all. These products really make a difference. Donna is a delight to work with, give her a call!
    Kristi Helzer

  • Jean Sandra Daviet

    Donna is a business woman’s business woman. She sincerely cares about your health and wellbeing. She will put you on a natural path to wellness. Along the way she might share other insights. Ask her about gold!!

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